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pied kingfisher left

Possibly because of a childhood spent with chickens, ducks, geese, pheasants and all other manner of poultry and wildfowl, I’ve always had an affinity with birds. Here’s a selection of acrylic/ watercolours produced in the past few years. (I have been known to give copies for worthy causes).

sketchbook 63

Many clients have asked to see sketchbook examples from my painting/drawing portfolio. Included here are a broad range that demonstrate (for murals etc.) the work or styles that I have used in the past and am happy to develop to a client’s brief- some are from school, others from travels including an expedition to the Arctic island of West Spitzbergen.

hand colouring wroclaw

Most of my private commissions result in hand drawn plans and reports. I usually work on trace paper with ink, copy the original onto paper and hand colour the paper print with pantone and pro-marker inks.

For computer rendered drawings I prefer the initial drawing layer to still be hand-drawn black and white base.

The coloured original is then scanned and annotated, often submitted as part of a data collection and concept to design development report submission.

The scale, complexity and content of the drawings closely reflects the Client’s brief and budget.

Wroclaw plac grunwaldski

Whilst based in Warsaw I worked on several landscape enhancement schemes for a private practise architect (www.modernstudio.plĀ modernstudio) involved with the improvement of Wroclaw City Council’s housing stock.

The landscape proposals, though low budget, and restrained by several peculiar bye-laws were vast improvements on the derelict, denuded, filthy, drug paraphernalia littered ‘gardens’ and over-spill parking areas’ that existed.

Construction for the first project commenced in the autumn of 2012, and the landscaping scheme was partially implemented in 2015.