Private residence, Konstancin, Warsaw.

Located on a double plot within a pine forest, (historically a retreat for the Kings of Poland), this site provided the double challenges of dry shade and a free draining sandy soil.

Over 150,000 plants were imported from Germany ( to the site creating the rich mid-canopy and ground cover strata of vegetation, ranging from alpines to semi-mature multistem trees and instant 2.5m high yew hedging.

The brief from the Clients was to create a ‘naturalistic’ garden where their children could play and explore, with large lawns, including a tennis court for entertaining and recreation.

Additional ecological value was acheived by the introduction of native species, wildflower-rich meadows, insect shelters and nest boxes.

I was asked to coordinate and plant the interior mur vegetal (vertical green wall) as designed by world famous pioneer of the technique, Patric Blanc. Following a trip to his Paris home, and with the assistance of his planting expert, we successfully planted the 3.6 x 7m wall in 28 hours! The green wall features as a post on this site.