Working Papers, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Working on mega-projects in areas adjacent to environmental reserves, it was necessary to undertake our own environmental research with published findings and recommendations to guide the developer and advise the local authorities.

I spearheaded such reports with the Managing Director of Urbis Hong Kong Ltd, and our work was approved by Dubai Municipality, RAMSAR and Sama Dubai.

I arranged to meet Dr. Benno Boer of UNESCO, and was equally proud and relieved to receive his endorcement of my species lists and native species procurement strategies for use on The Lagoons, the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary Buffer Zone and the Creekfront.

My recommendations for marine ecological enhancement was to my knowledge, the first time a developer has considered such comprehensive enhancement as sea grass meadow establishment, bioremediation shellfish lines, mangrove establishment and coral reef creation. If this recession ever ends, it will be great to see the project resurect.



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