Alice family event

forty hall human chess

Whilst based at the Forty Hall Estate, I conceived, arranged and delivered a family friendly Alice Day event. Inspired by a game of Human Chess recorded on the south lawn in the Edwardian era, Pink Floyd’s music video featuring a game of croquet filmed on the same lawn, and the site of a red-haired Queen’s Palace in the grounds: Forty HallĀ seemed a great location to celebrate the characters of Lewis Carroll’s Alice from Adventures in Wonderland and what she found there and Through the Looking Glass. The star of the show was the uninvited grey squirrel who stole the tarts! Did YOU eat my tarts- no, it was a squirrel- honest!

Sir John Tenniel’s illustrations were my inspiration and I copied text from international printed versions of the children’s story onto charity shop purchased bed sheets strewn around the gardens; referencing the multi-cultural local population of North London’s leafiest borough.

The contemporary classical composer Michael Nyman kindly gave his personal permission to play his Wonderland (and other score music) delivered by Enfield’s Red Room, and the British Film Institute kindly allowed me to show (on continuous loop) the recently restored 1903 film footage of the earliest Alice film.

Friends were in fancy dress, as was half of the Park’s visitors. Curiouser and… all that!