• mykonos 01
  • mykonos 02
  • mykonos 03
  • mykonos 04 villa E appraoch
  • mykonos 04 villa E
  • mykonos 05 retaining wall
  • mykonos 06 overlooking villa E
  • mykonos 07 sclerophyllic community
  • mykonos 08 approach drive
  • mykonos 09 towards helipad
  • mykonos 10 garigue vegetation
  • mykonos 11 maquis vegetation
  • mykonos 12 hrh villa

Mykonos landscape design at maturity

These images from Greenway’s website show the scheme I designed in 2003/4, and planted in 2004 at maturity. The vegetation reflects endemic and native plant communities representing sclerophyllic, maquis and garigue groups as found on the Aghios Lazarus peninsula and throughout the Cyclades. This project was the largest habitat creation/ enhancement scheme associated with ┬áthe 2004 Olympic Games.

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