About Me


Cambridgeshire-based landscape architect, environmental historian and garden designer.

Internationally experienced (Asia, Europe, Middle East & Africa) landscape architect/ project manager and environmental consultant, with in-depth knowledge of planting, ecological, historic interpretation and sustainable design/management solutions.



Being born into a farming family in rural Cambridgeshire, England, with keen gardening grandparents, an interest in landscape, horticulture and nature inevitably combined into a passion for landscape architecture…and a desire to see the world’s landscapes, cultures and heritage.

At the tender age of 17, I joined the British Schools Exploring Society’s summer expedition to West Spitzbergen in the high arctic. There, in the 24 hour daylight, I caught the ‘travel bug.’

After graduating (Ma Hons Landscape Architecture, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland) I ventured to East Africa to work for several environmental charities before returning to the UK for a few years as a landscape designer.

I then moved to Greece and participated in the build-up of the 2004 Olympic Games, subsequently relocating to Hong Kong to work on projects in China and across South East Asia.

Subsequently I was posted to the Middle East and set-up a branch office in Dubai, planning native species landscaping, coral reef establishment and mangrove plantations. The global recession put many Dubai projects on hold, (including my own!) and so I took up the offer of restoring a palace garden in Poland.

After three years in central Europe, I returned to the UK, completed a diploma course at Cambridge University and continue to work around Europe whilst studying for an MPhil/PhD in Archaeology at UCL: reconstructing ‘lost’ landscapes of south-east England.


  • Client relations
  • Project organisation and management
  • Planting design and specification
  • Historic restoration and interpretation
  • Ecological function and sustainable design.