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Working with the International Women’s Committee- Baku, I designed a marketing brochure and revamped the landscape proposals for the orphanage. The brief was to help raise funds and provide a landscape scheme so that the 160 foster children (housed in former military barracks), could realise their dream of a playground space incorporating equipment, features and natural play.

The playground is currently being improved under Phase 1- restoration.

The headmistress of Houghton County Primary School approached me with a request to engage the children in a design exercise for a small courtyard space.

As I and several members of my family were former pupils of the school, the design package was of course offered free of charge, with the labour and materials provided at significant discount by the Garden and Leisure group’s Huntingdon store .

The concept was based on my interpretation of primary school student’s paintings of their ‘dream courtyard’ as a jungle with lots of seating for lunchtime dining and classtime outdoor lessons as well as accommodating a quiet reading area.

Whilst based in Warsaw I worked on several landscape enhancement schemes for a private practise architect (www.modernstudio.pl modernstudio) involved with the improvement of Wroclaw City Council’s housing stock.

The landscape proposals, though low budget, and restrained by several peculiar bye-laws were vast improvements on the derelict, denuded, filthy, drug paraphernalia littered ‘gardens’ and over-spill parking areas’ that existed.

Construction for the first project commenced in the autumn of 2012, and the landscaping scheme was partially implemented in 2015.

This children’s play garden design was inspired by landscape descriptions and features from Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’, and ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’. As both books are full of references to the Orient, and to animals which occur in Dubai (Flamingos, Hedgehogs) the theme seemed appropriate.

The proposed centre piece to the croquet lawn sunken garden was a life size hologram of the Cheshire Cat, intended to appear and disappear from the branches of a 400 year old gnarled Olive tree, with bronze statues of characters from the books dotted around the garden.

The project is currently on hold.