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courtyard niemodlinThe restoration of a 19th century (Silesian) farmhouse, barns, and outbuildings into a holiday/ retirement home resulted in the accumulation of salvaged and reclaimed building materials. The clients wanted to use as many salvaged items as possible in the landscape setting which I fully supported.

Intentionally low maintenance, the predominantly hardscape/ paving design incorporates an outdoor kitchen, log store, room for vehicles to turn, adequate drainage from the snow melt, and plants that look after themselves despite the -30 to +40 degree temperature range.

Work is currently underway and completion anticipated for 2017.

The headmistress of Houghton County Primary School approached me with a request to engage the children in a design exercise for a small courtyard space.

As I and several members of my family were former pupils of the school, the design package was of course offered free of charge, with the labour and materials provided at significant discount by the Garden and Leisure group’s Huntingdon store .

The concept was based on my interpretation of primary school student’s paintings of their ‘dream courtyard’ as a jungle with lots of seating for lunchtime dining and classtime outdoor lessons as well as accommodating a quiet reading area.

England’s oldest brick terrace house, with a sloping concrete back yard…..and an extremely limited budget of a few hundred pounds.A challenging project!

This work in progress commenced in January 2012 with the removal of a decrepid, leaking yet stagnant raised pool and waterfall, and the painting of a mural on the existing concrete rendered wall at the rear of the space.

As the building is Grade I listed and the ‘garden’ floor solid concrete, the ongoing works will create freestanding and demountable pergolas with benching and containerised planting.

After leaving Hong Kong and Dubai and prior to relocating to Poland, I was invited to design and oversee the implementation of the town garden of an old school friend.

The site was an L shaped space, full of builders debris and associated with a terraced sirte that dates from the mid -Victorian era.

As most of the budget went on hardscape (including items discovered, salvaged and reclaimed from the site), plants were sourced from friends and family. The metal tanks were the show piece of a functional urban garden for this young city couple.

The images demonstrate the ‘before, during (November 2009) and after (Spring 2010)’ phases, following the harshest winter for 15 years.

This charming restoration of a cluster of farm buildings into a family home (a family including five dogs) required a hard standing treatment for the courtyard between the home and garaging. The proposal uses on-site discovered and salvaged materials additionally creating an intimate garden space with outdoor kitchen, wood pile store and water features.