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mykonos 09 towards helipadMy earliest memory is growing a runner bean from seed at kindergarten.This sprouting bean started my life-long passion of plants.

Since building my first greenhouse and tending to my first vegetable patch aged six, I have been designing with plants and am fortunate, truly fortunate, to have practiced my passion around the globe.

I consider inspiration gained from observing natural vegetation communities and an understanding of vertical stratification, plant tolerance ranges, behaviour and symbiosis hold the future for sustainable planting schemes for our gardens, communal landscapes and degraded habitats.


Whilst manager of the landscape division at Huntingdon Garden & Leisure I assisted in the design and planting of this site, the largest garden centre in England.

Mature trees were imported from Deepdale Nurseries.

Thanks to the recommendation of interior designer Andreas Kubicek (www.fjinteriordesign.com), I was asked to return to Poland to survey and design this family garden in one of Warsaw’s affluent wards.

Construction should commence in 2013, pending planning permission.

courtyard niemodlinThe restoration of a 19th century (Silesian) farmhouse, barns, and outbuildings into a holiday/ retirement home resulted in the accumulation of salvaged and reclaimed building materials. The clients wanted to use as many salvaged items as possible in the landscape setting which I fully supported.

Intentionally low maintenance, the predominantly hardscape/ paving design incorporates an outdoor kitchen, log store, room for vehicles to turn, adequate drainage from the snow melt, and plants that look after themselves despite the -30 to +40 degree temperature range.

Work is currently underway and completion anticipated for 2017.

Most of my private commissions result in hand drawn plans and reports. I usually work on trace paper with ink, copy the original onto paper and hand colour the paper print with pantone and pro-marker inks.

For computer rendered drawings I prefer the initial drawing layer to still be hand-drawn black and white base.

The coloured original is then scanned and annotated, often submitted as part of a data collection and concept to design development report submission.

The scale, complexity and content of the drawings closely reflects the Client’s brief and budget.

The Allou (meaning ‘elsewhere/somewhere else’) Fun Park was built in the run up to the 2004 Olympic Games.

The design was a collaboration between myself and the two talented Director’s of Greenways Epe (Athens, Greece), with all three of us supervising the landscape construction and planting.

I never got to go on the rides sadly, but heard that the park was a commercial and popular success, drawing thousands of Athenians and Olympic visitors.

Whilst based in Warsaw I worked on several landscape enhancement schemes for a private practise architect (www.modernstudio.plĀ modernstudio) involved with the improvement of Wroclaw City Council’s housing stock.

The landscape proposals, though low budget, and restrained by several peculiar bye-laws were vast improvements on the derelict, denuded, filthy, drug paraphernalia littered ‘gardens’ and over-spill parking areas’ that existed.

Construction for the first project commenced in the autumn of 2012, and the landscaping scheme was partially implemented in 2015.

Located on a double plot within a pine forest, (historically a retreat for the Kings of Poland), this site provided the double challenges of dry shade and a free draining sandy soil.

Over 150,000 plants were imported from Germany (www.lorberg.com) to the site creating the rich mid-canopy and ground cover strata of vegetation, ranging from alpines to semi-mature multistem trees and instant 2.5m high yew hedging.

The brief from the Clients was to create a ‘naturalistic’ garden where their children could play and explore, with large lawns, including a tennis court for entertaining and recreation.

Additional ecological value was acheived by the introduction of native species, wildflower-rich meadows, insect shelters and nest boxes.

I was asked to coordinate and plant the interior mur vegetal (vertical green wall) as designed by world famous pioneer of the technique, Patric Blanc. Following a trip to his Paris home, and with the assistance of his planting expert, we successfully planted the 3.6 x 7m wall in 28 hours! The green wall features as a post on this site.