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This partially derelict building was my base for my first three months in Poland. Whilst the owners were abroad I was asked to look after the property and create flower and vegetable gardens, tame the old park and orchard terraces and remove as many carp from the ponds as possible (using the villager’s numerous Anglers).

The restoration work was carried out on the house by ‘men with big machines’. The JCB destroyed much of my work in the garden days before I left.

I also raised four Geese, my only companions with whom it seemed I could communicate! They were served for dinner after I left the site!



This submission was undertaken whilst at Belt Collins International Hong Kong Ltd. I co-ordinated the graphic presentation, conceived the photomontages and proposed the planting palettes as part of the three person team. We received a Diploma for reaching second place (out of over 150 entries), an illustrated write-up in a publication dedicated to the International Design Competition, as well as television coverage in Poland.