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forty hall facade

The Forty Hall Estate landscape restoration project reportedly attracted £1.8 million of investment from a Heritage Lottery Fund grant.

I arrived onsite after the consultants and landscape designers had completed the planning stage as the contractors were about to break ground, and after the Hall itself had been repaired and refurbished through an earlier, generous HLF grant.

Regrettably, five years had elapsed since the public and onsite garden staff had been consulted about the landscape restoration proposal.

The role was to increase awareness and understanding of the local and onsite heritage and be a ‘face’ of the pre-planned restoration project: a job I would not recommend to my worst enemy.

From the surreal to the unbelievable, the down right vicious and ignorant to the plain nasty: I witnessed the petty-minded, party political game playing that has put me off local politics and Council politicians for life.

Add to that a resident unhinged animal rights protester, verbal and physical threats and the unwelcome advances of a certain stakeholder representative, I lasted just over a year before submitting my resignation.

Oh Enfield: who says the suburbs are dull !

forty hall woodcut forty hall misty urn

The Prince Bishop of Breslau’s (Wroclaw) summer palace and hunting retreat lies on the site of a medieval fortified building. The current owners discovered numerous treasures during restoration, including a unique renaissance ceiling painting and scraffito decoration.

After living in the area for a number of months, I became friends with the owners and have produced planting plans, concept drawings and reports for the long term restoration and development of the estate into an income generating tourist destination. (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Piotrowice-Nyskie/288302209261)

Last year we planted hundreds of acorns, beech mast and nuts to plant around the estate, and contribute to carbon neutrality of our activities, including my other website ‘posthumousplans’.

Piotrowice Nyskie now has accommodation available in an apartment within the palace and is well worth a visit, either virtual or real.