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These images from Greenway’s website show the scheme I designed in 2003/4, and planted in 2004 at maturity. The vegetation reflects endemic and native plant communities representing sclerophyllic, maquis and garigue groups as found on the Aghios Lazarus peninsula and throughout the Cyclades. This project was the largest habitat creation/ enhancement scheme associated with  the 2004 Olympic Games.

mykonos 01The peninsula site facing the island of Delos was developed to accommodate 16 villas set in extensive grounds.

Due to road access requirements, the entire site had been regraded and all existing vegetation removed, which was a major challenge for Greece’s first private, and largest, habitat creation project associated with the games.

By collecting seeds, taking cuttings and selecting specimens with local genetic province, (with a few suitable ornamentals included) we ensured the ecological functioning of the site.

I specified and coordinated the procurement and planting of over 1 million plants with Dr. A. Skordelis, for contract growing in a nursery in Marathon and the young specimens were shipped to Mykonos during the 3 month implementation phase.

The 35 hectare site was planted on time in advance of the Olympic Closing ceremony and was the site of VIP entertainment and post-Olympic celebrations.

The peninsula can be viewed on Google earth, however the planting has integrated so successfully that the boundaries with the adjacent native, undisturbed vegetation cannot be seen, as was our initial hope. The tree and vine planting has successfully camouflaged walls that in places were seven metres high, resulting in dark green lines along the road.