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courtyard niemodlinThe restoration of a 19th century (Silesian) farmhouse, barns, and outbuildings into a holiday/ retirement home resulted in the accumulation of salvaged and reclaimed building materials. The clients wanted to use as many salvaged items as possible in the landscape setting which I fully supported.

Intentionally low maintenance, the predominantly hardscape/ paving design incorporates an outdoor kitchen, log store, room for vehicles to turn, adequate drainage from the snow melt, and plants that look after themselves despite the -30 to +40 degree temperature range.

Work is currently underway and completion anticipated for 2017.

This famous Warsavian site, a favourite for summer al fresco dining required a revamp following the worst spring floods in living memory when the Vistula river threatened to enter the old town.

Using boathouse iconography to re-brand the signage, wayfinding, gardens, dining areas and children’s play garden, this scheme incorporated several linked gardens with the aim to additionally provide herbs, leaf salad and pumpkins for seasonal dishes and a ‘kitchen garden narrative’.

This submission was undertaken whilst at Belt Collins International Hong Kong Ltd. I co-ordinated the graphic presentation, conceived the photomontages and proposed the planting palettes as part of the three person team. We received a Diploma for reaching second place (out of over 150 entries), an illustrated write-up in a publication dedicated to the International Design Competition, as well as television coverage in Poland.

Whilst based in Warsaw I worked on several landscape enhancement schemes for a private practise architect (www.modernstudio.plĀ modernstudio) involved with the improvement of Wroclaw City Council’s housing stock.

The landscape proposals, though low budget, and restrained by several peculiar bye-laws were vast improvements on the derelict, denuded, filthy, drug paraphernalia littered ‘gardens’ and over-spill parking areas’ that existed.

Construction for the first project commenced in the autumn of 2012, and the landscaping scheme was partially implemented in 2015.

This charming restoration of a cluster of farm buildings into a family home (a family including five dogs) required a hard standing treatment for the courtyard between the home and garaging. The proposal uses on-site discovered and salvaged materials additionally creating an intimate garden space with outdoor kitchen, wood pile store and water features.