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After years of research into forest history and the historic environment, I have been fortunate to have two articles published in the journals of the Chartered Institute of Ecologists and Environmental Managers and Royal Foresty Society respectively.CIEEM Article 01


RFS Quarterly 01

Working on mega-projects in areas adjacent to environmental reserves, it was necessary to undertake our own environmental research with published findings and recommendations to guide the developer and advise the local authorities.

I spearheaded such reports with the Managing Director of Urbis Hong Kong Ltd, and our work was approved by Dubai Municipality, RAMSAR and Sama Dubai.

I arranged to meet Dr. Benno Boer of UNESCO, and was equally proud and relieved to receive his endorcement of my species lists and native species procurement strategies for use on The Lagoons, the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary Buffer Zone and the Creekfront.

My recommendations for marine ecological enhancement was to my knowledge, the first time a developer has considered such comprehensive enhancement as sea grass meadow establishment, bioremediation shellfish lines, mangrove establishment and coral reef creation. If this recession ever ends, it will be great to see the project resurect.



The Sea Change 2030+ organised by the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects was an ideas competition, intentionally ‘open’ for any type of landscape / seascape proposal for the Sydney Harbour responding to global climate change and sea level rise.

The solution offered by me and talented graphic designer Kamila Matla was a floating bio-remediation island linked to form modular archipelagos.

The multi-functional structure contains shellfish lines for sewage absorbtion and carbon sequestration, artificial reef habitat, intertidal mud banks with options for a nesting beach, sun bathing beach or mangrove plantation.

This solution offers a short-term staging post for displaced populations until sea levels stabilise and natural / semi natural landforms and habitats evolve.

Considering we were a two person team and the top three teams contained an average of ten people, we were very pleased to be one of five projects featured on the AILA’s web page.

This submission was undertaken whilst at Belt Collins International Hong Kong Ltd. I co-ordinated the graphic presentation, conceived the photomontages and proposed the planting palettes as part of the three person team. We received a Diploma for reaching second place (out of over 150 entries), an illustrated write-up in a publication dedicated to the International Design Competition, as well as television coverage in Poland.

Working with the International Women’s Committee- Baku, I designed a marketing brochure and revamped the landscape proposals for the orphanage. The brief was to help raise funds and provide a landscape scheme so that the 160 foster children (housed in former military barracks), could realise their dream of a playground space incorporating equipment, features and natural play.

The playground is currently being improved under Phase 1- restoration.